Thursday, January 26, 2006

First Wednesdays: Radical Conversations

We're trying out something new at SMUUCh this Spring.

On the First Wednesday of each month, we will be having an evening of special programming. The night kicks off at 6:30 with a short vespers service - an informal, participatory worship service. Then, at 7:00 we will offer an experience called "Radical Conversations." This experience will be a guided discussion on a topic of interest.

Our first Radical Conversation will be on the subject of "THEISM AND HUMANISM IN DIALOGUE." I'll introduce the topic in greater detail next Wedensday on February 1st, but you may want to click some of the following links before you attend:

David Bumbaugh, "Toward a Humanist Vocabulary of Reverence"

Davidson Loehr, "The Legitimate Heir to God"