Monday, October 16, 2006

Distinguished Guest Minister

The Worship Committee is pleased to welcome Rev. Suzanne Meyer to SMUUCh on October 28 & 29 as our second annual UU Distinguished Guest Minister.

Rev. Meyer serves the First Unitarian Congregation of St. Louis - the oldest
Unitarian congregation west of the Mississippi. She has been a minister for 24 years and has served our churches in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Georgia. She has written and spoken about topics in church growth, postmodernism, and southern religion and culture. She is a native of Texas and a graduate of Meadville/Lombard Theological School in Chicago.

On October 28 from 2:00 to 4:00 in Fellowship Hall, Rev. Meyer will lead a workshop on the "Roots of Our Faith".

"Do you have trouble describing our way of being religious? Would you like to be able to tell newcomers about the historic roots of our faith? Do you get tongue tied when people ask you to tell them about Unitarian Universalism? Do UUs believe in anything, everything, or nothing at all? How do you handle those kinds of questions."

"Roots" is a four part curriculum designed to help you tell newcomers all about our history and theology. It is an excellent refresher course for long time members as well. On Saturday Rev. Meyer will walk you through the curriculum and show you how to use it with newcomers groups and how to adapt it to suit the particular history of your congregation. You will learn how to describe our way of being faithful in positive ways. If you like "Roots" you can download an electronic copy for free and edit it to tell the story of your congregation.

On Sunday, October 29 Rev. Meyer will preach at both the 10:00 and 11:30 services. The title of her sermon is "Witches."

"What were the witch hunts really all about? Was it religious or economic persecution? If those who were hunted down and killed were not really practitioners of Wicca, who were they and why were they persecuted? And what are th modern day implications of the so-called "witch hunt?"

I hope you will join us on October 28 & 29 for this very special event!