Saturday, October 28, 2006

Selected Growth Resources

In my November 2006 DrumBeat column I wrote about the growth SMUUCh has experienced in recent years. Consider this:

In 2002 SMUUCh had 187 adult members, averaged 95 adults in worship, and had an annual budget of $215,000. At the present time we have 290 adult members, average 175 adults in worship, and have a budget of $320,000.

I also pointed out that growth is more than a matter of numbers. "Experts on growth say that numerical growth is just one of four areas in which churches grow. The other three are Maturational (growing in faith and religious identity), Organic (growing congregational systems, programs, and structures), and Incarnational (growing engagement in the wider community.)"

If this is something that interests you, here are some resources for more information:

Growth Workshop at 2006 General Assembly
Michael Durall's Church Consulting page
Nancy Proctor (a UU Church Consultant)

Multi-media Resources (available in my office):
"Breakthrough Congregations 2006": A video showcasing four thriving UU congregations.
"Ideas for Growth": A video about the growth strategy of the Jefferson UU Church in Golden, Colorado.

Check out books by these authors:
Leonard Sweet
Thomas Bandy
Will Easum
Loren Mead
Alice Mann
Gil Rendle