Monday, January 08, 2007

Feedback on 12/31 Sermon

As promised, this post will include some of the comments and feedback I received from my sermon on December 31, 2006. Check back later for additional comments.

One person wrote the following, as part of substantially longer email:
"...I would say that is the most troubling aspect of unchecked exurban (far out suburban) development. Rather than move to perfectly suitable, usable housing in existing neighborhoods, families continue to choose to move further and further away from the urban core in a spiraling pattern of flight. They build huge, unsustainable homes and set all these choices up as their "right" or say that they "earned" this version of the good life and the philosophy is, if they can afford the cars and the gas and the mortgage payments, they deserve it. Historians of development, however, have shown how huge tax subsidies laid the pipelines for water, sewage, electrical and gas, curbs and roads that enabled developers to build such subdivisions. Federal gas subsidies support people's ability to drive SUV's around vast, spread-out landscapes. And cars sit bumper to bumper on I-35, which has to be continually expanded, maintained and built out further South to support people's decision to move further out, and that cost is borne by all the taxpayers. I think all of that is fine, as long as the people living out there don't denigrate others who live on "federal handouts" and as long as they don't act all superior about how independent and self-made they are as individuals. They, too, live off the federal teat."

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