Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Covenant Series

In July 20007 I began a six-month sermon series (one sermon per month) on "Covenant in Liberal Religion." Each sermon in the series will explore an aspect of covenant. Moreover, each sermon will be preceded by a clip from a movie that helps to illuminate the aspect of covenant being considered that morning.

My July sermon, Raiding the Lost Ark, introduced the concept of covenant and explained the difference between a covenantal and a creedal faith.

My August sermon, Sunday Morning Lights, explored the covenant of membership in liberal churches.

My September sermon, Keeping the Faith / Encouraging Faith dealt with what is known as the "Covenant of the Free Pulpit." But it really asked a more important question: "What covenant do we share to help each other grow spiritually?"

In the October sermon, Six Degrees of Covenant (and Kevin Bacon) I considered the historical idea of covenant between churches.

In November, apropos of Thanksgiving, we examined the idea of the social compact, or social covenant, and how we might restore this idea.

In December I concluded the sermon series by asking, "What brave new covenant is needed right here, and right now?"