Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something completely unrelated to ministry...

I am looking forward to next Tuesday's (9/18) release of the new full-length album "Spirit if..." by Broken Social Scene, their fourth as a group.

BSS, based in Toronto, is a rock band with up to 19 members, almost a collective of musicians. I got to see them play in Lawrence, KS in 2006 when they opened for Death Cab for Cutie and BSS put on a mesmerizing show. They featured anywhere from 6 to 11 musicians on stage at any one time, but it was difficult to count as the members of the band often wandered from instrument to instrument (as well as on and off stage) in the middle of their songs. At one point the line-up had six electric guitars and two drum-sets. At another point, a five piece brass ensemble. And, at still other points a mix of keyboards, violin, tambourine, maracas, you name it. One band member spent an entire song manipulating guitar-feedback.

I can't wait to hear the newest tunes by one of the most innovative bands on the scene today. Next Tuesday can't come soon enough!