Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Gossip Column: The Skinnier Minister?

This, the first installation of the Gossip Column, actually deals with old news.

Back in August when I returned from my vacation a lot of folks at SMUUCh noticed that I looked different. Had I lost weight? Was I dieting? Was my health OK? Why did my suits look so baggy?

These observations were valid. I had lost a lot of weight - around 25 pounds, to be a bit more exact. Here is the skinny on how I became the skinnier minister.

It wasn't intentional. In the middle of June I got sick with acute abdominal discomfort, distress, and pain. This lasted almost a month during which I lost 25lbs. From the time I got sick until after I began feeling better I was under the care of excellent doctors, including my great primary care physician and a couple of consulting gastro-specialists. All in all, it was a pretty miserable month and my short vacation in San Francisco and trip to General Assembly in Portland, Oregon were not much fun at all. I guess on the positive side I can say that I learned a lot more about gastro-intestinal medicine than I knew previously.

So, what was the final diagnosis? Uncertain. Although I did go through a battery of tests that ruled out all the big, bad conditions (which all begin with the letter "C"): Cancer, Colitis, Crohns, and Celiac.

Towards the end of July, all my symptoms went away entirely. I am in fine health and I'm doing some things to make sure I stay that way. I've altered my diet and am eating healthier. I've also been making it to the gym at least four times each week. I've even been attending the twice-weekly "ripped abs" class at the gym.

I feel great for which I am deeply thankful. I'm not so thankful that I am having to assemble an all new wardrobe because I'm swimming in my old clothes. But, then again, I could have a lot worse to complain about.

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