Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 1: 29 Days of Gratitude

A marathon begins with just one step...

The spiritual practice for Friday, February 1st is one that is actually quite simple. (Perhaps you will find it annoyingly simple.) But, I am a big believer into easing into a practice. The practice for today is a practice in easing in.

Practice: Make a list of three to five things in your life for which you are grateful.

Simple, right? If you want to go further you may wish to share this list with somebody like a family member or close friend. If you are practicing gratitude as a part of a family or a group, you might work together to come up with your lists and then share them with each other. Or, you may wish to share your list in the comment section below.


Dan Dillon said...

I'm taking an early leap into the 29 days (today is, fittingly, 1/29). I'm grateful for the sound of my one-year-old's chirping and chuckling through the baby monitor as I emptied the dishwasher this morning. I'm grateful for Pandora Radio and the Music Genome Project. And I'm grateful for having a friend I served with in the Peace Corps live just six hours away by car, who we're going to visit this weekend.

Richard Pease said...

I find gratitude in two seemingly opposing thoughts:
Regarding "all-of-nature", I am at once thankful for not just the "all-of-nature" but in particular the pleasure and wonder I get from steeping myself in it, but also equally thankful for the pleasant, nuturing sense of wonder I get from all that I do not or cannot know about "all-of-nature". It could be, in other words, the grandure of nature and the smallness of me.

RevThom said...

Thanks Dan and Richard for getting us started! I am thankful for my calling to the ministry and for the chance I've been given to live this calling. I am thankful for the values taught to me by my parents and the church in which I grew up. Less seriously, I am thankful for the great independent artistic community in Kansas City. I am about to head down to the crossroads to enjoy some of the great creativity our metro area offers.