Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 12: 29 Days of Gratitude

How I came up with this day is a little bit random. Years and years ago I heard a factoid on the radio... or maybe I read it in a book... or maybe it was some person without any idead who told me it - but regardless of my source, the factoid was that the average American sees some stupendously low number of sunsets and sunrises in a year. Each year, there are 730 sunsets and sunrises combined and I would wager that, with the exception of those glanced at while we are commuting, we see about 1%. And it is hard to be in the presence of awe while driving in rush hour traffic.

Somehow I've always found this amazing, regardless of whether the source was reliable or not. A sunset or a sunrise, besides holding the capacity for stunning beauty, announces time. A sunrise declares, "Here is a day that you have been given." A sunset can soothe us by announcing the ending of a day but it can also challenge us by asking, "What have you done with the gift of this day?"

The Practice: On Tuesday, February 12th, take the time to witness a sunrise or a sunset. Express gratitude for the gift of this day.