Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 4: 29 Days of Gratitude

A former member of SMUUCh recently send me a gift: a mix-CD with some of her favorite songs. I replied to her with an email listing some of my favorite songs and some of the music I've been listening to recently:

+ The soundtrack to the movie "Juno", especially all the songs by Kimya Dawson.
+ Two songs by the band Death Cab for Cutie: "Different Names for the Same Thing" and "What Sarah Said."
+ The song "All of the Trees of the Field will Clap their Hands" by Sufjan Stevens
+ The soundtrack to the movie "Once". (Listen to it live in concert.)

Practice: Give thanks for music.

There are a bunch of ways to do this. If you are not musically inclined, you can put on a favorite CD. If you are musically inclined, you can sing or play the instrument you play. Or, maybe share the music you appreciate with someone by lending them your iPod or some CDs from your collection.

Also, you might take a listen to a concert available for free at NPR's All Songs Considered.

What did you listen to?

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Connie Strand said...

When it comes to music, I'd like to give a big thank you to Dave Simmons. I started singing in choir this year and it is someting I am grateful for every week -- he does a great job getting us to sound as a group so much better than any of us could individually. So today I am grateful for Dave!