Friday, January 25, 2008

A Month of Gratitude

On January 14, I began a three-part sermon series entitled, "Get a (Spiritual) Life." You can read the sermons here:

Part 1: Prayer Follies & Meditation Misadventures
Part 2: Experiments in Gratitude
Part 3: I Have a Spiritual Life, Now What?

During the month of February every person in the SMUUCh community is being invited (some may call it "challenged") to a daily spiritual practice centered in Gratitude. Each day will have its own unique practice. Most of these practices can be done in 5 to 15 minutes, though you may wish to spend longer. My UU colleague in Pennsylvania, Rev. Ken Beldon, shared the concept of "A Month of Gratitude" with me; I designed the content myself.

Below you will find more information about each day’s practice. Click on each day to find out more about the practice, words of reflection, and other resources. I will also leave the comments section open on each day so you can write about your experiences.

Remember: Feel free to modify, swap days, or invent your own practices. You can practice alone or with another person. Most of all, have fun.

Fri. 2/1: Beginning simply
Sat. 2/2: Gratitude for Nature
Sun. 2/3: Practice Gratitude in Religious Community (Part 1)
Mon. 2/4: Gratitude for music
Tues. 2/5: (Mardi Gras) Celebrating Gratitude
Wed. 2/6: (Ash Wednesday) Gratitude for martyrs and heroes
Thur. 2/7: Gratitude for food
Fri. 2/8: Gratitude for the whole human family
Sat. 2/9: Gratitude for African-American History Month and the contributions of African Americans to the Kansas City metro area
Sun. 2/10: Practice Gratitude in Religious Community (Part 2)
Mon. 2/11: Practicing attentiveness
Tues. 2/12: Gratitude for day's beginning and day's end
Wed. 2/13: Gratitude through baking
Thur. 2/14: (Valentine's Day) Gratitude and Love
Fri. 2/15: (Susan B. Anthony Day) Gratitude for brave women
Sat. 2/16: Gratitude for our bodies
Sun. 2/17: Practice Gratitude in Religious Community (Part 3)
Mon. 2/18: (President's Day) Gratitude for public servants
Tues. 2/19: Practice compassion and understanding
Wed. 2/20: Gratitude for role models
Thur. 2/21: Choose your own Gratitude
Fri. 2/22: Gratitude for small things
Sat. 2/23: Gratitude for businesses that practice responsibility to the community and the environment
Sun. 2/24: Donate the Plate Sunday. Gratitude for Social Justice
Mon. 2/25 Gratitude and grief
Tues. 2/26: Practice Gratitude in Religious Community (Part 4)
Wed. 2/27: Gratitude for hobbies and skills
Thur. 2/28: Cosmic Gratitude
Fri. 2/29: Reflections on Gratitude