Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day 20: 29 Days of Gratitude

We all have heroes in our life. They can be our parents, grandparents, siblings, or other relatives. They can be our teachers, mentors, or coaches. They can be community leaders or people who inspire us.

The practice for Wednesday, February 20th is to write a list of three to five people who have been heroes in your life. You may wish to go all the way back to childhood and think of a teacher. Let you memories wander where they will. Your list may also include someone contemporary.

You have your choice of practices:

+ You can make a list of personal heroes and write a little bit about them.

+ You can make a list of heroes and talk about your list with another person. Tell your stories and listen to theirs.

+ If one of your heroes is contemporary you may wish to visit, call or write them and let them know how grateful you are.

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