Thursday, February 07, 2008

Day 28: 29 Days of Gratitude

You are almost there! On this penultimate day of practicing gratitude, I want to challenge you to stretch your imagination and experience a sense of awe. I call today's practice of gratitude "Cosmic Gratitude."

When we are confronted with images of galaxies, celestial bodies, and other "space stuff" our reaction can be one of contemplating our own insignficance... or it can be one of utter awe and of feeling grateful for being a part of a universe more vast and mysterious than we can imagine.

When Rev. Ken Patton was minister of the Charles Street Meeting House, he had a mural of the Milky Way Galaxy painted on the wall behind the pulpit. This was a symbol of awe and reverence. Today, I invite you to browse images from the Hubble Space telescope and experience a similar feeling of cosmic gratitude. Even if you take only ten minutes to browse these images and the descriptions of them, you will be amazed!

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