Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas came early

The wonderful folks at McSweeney's recently had a sale that was too good to miss! They were offering a lot of books and merchandise for half-price and they would agree to throw in an extra book if you spent $60. I placed my order and the box of stuff just arrived. Here is the loot:

Lawrence Weschler's ingenious and insightful, Everything that Rises: A Book of Convergences. In this text that combines art history and cultural commentary, Weschler looks at images that are remarkably similar and then draws interesting and playful connections.

Vacation is the new novel by Deb Olin Unferth who is also a writing professor at the University of Kansas.

Yannick Murphy's Here they Come. Murphy is a frequent contributor to McSweeney's and I am looking forward to reading this novel.

John Brandon's novel Arkansas, an odd tale of Southern drug dealers.

The Secret Language of Sleep is like the Kama Sutra of sleep. This cute little text explains what you can learn about yourself from the positions in which you sleep.

Finally, I purchased an artsy Nerd Bird T-shirt. I will probably wear it often while reading.

As a gift for purchasing $60 worth of great books, McSweeney's threw in a copy of Nick Hornby's third book of collected columns from The Believer magazine.

But, that is not all! At the same time I received this box of goodies I also received the gorgeously packaged McSweeney's Volume 29 with twinkling stars on the spine, a space scene on the cover, and a drawing of Laika, the Russian space dog, on the inside cover.

And wait, there is more. With a special offer from Borders, I picked up the new short story collection, A Better Angel, by Chris Adrian, one of my new favorite authors.

There will be plenty to read this holiday season and you can look forward to me writing about these books in my reading blog.