Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week 30: "Dig For Fire" by The Pixies

Throughout the 52 Songs in 52 Weeks essay project I have attempted to match the tone or the subject matter of a song with the time of year in which that song is featured. For example, next week’s song by the Postal Service has a dreamlike quality that I associate with the week between Christmas and New Years. Appropriate to one week in January, I will feature the beautiful “Valley Winter Song” by Fountains of Wayne.

I am not really sure what the song “Dig For Fire” is about. But I can tell you that listening to the song fills me with an adrenaline buzz. While preparing for two Christmas Eve services and a whole host of other Holiday related events, this is exactly the kind of song that you need. Beginning with a faint percussion rhythm, the guitars, bass, and drums then enter giving this song an awfully catchy groove. The two choruses feature front man Black Francis doing spoken word, but this song is more about its catchy chorus.

“Dig For Fire” comes from The Pixies’ 1990 album Bossanova. Featuring Black Francis (who would later go on to record as Frank Black) and Kim Deal (who would later go on to form The Breeders with her sister), The Pixies were one of the true pioneers of alternative rock music.

The Pixies released a split video in which “Dig For Fire” sets up the band performing their song “Alison” in an empty stadium. You can check out this video here.