Sunday, March 08, 2009

Week 41: "The Sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World

There is this moment in the song “Sweetness” where a piano comes in and there are 64 staccato high notes played at rapid-fire speed. If I am driving in my car, you know that my index finger and middle finger will tap the steering wheel 64 times (hard!) and my fingers end up numb.

“Sweetness” is the fifth song on Jimmy Eat World’s self-titled breakthrough album. It would be hard to imagine a better album. Jimmy Eat World strikes a perfect balance between alternative rock and pop. The album’s first three songs are impeccable. It leads off strong with the hard-rocking opener “Bleed American.” This is followed by the bright, up-tempo number “A Praise Chorus.” The third song on the album, “The Middle,” is one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. The video for "The Middle" is also top-notch, giving an usual twist to the fear of showing up somewhere wearing only your underwear. The album also features a great ballad “Hear You Me” and a wonderful groove on the song “The Authority Song.”

But, “Sweetness” has always stood out to me as an amazing tune. Sonic and frenetic, Jimmy Eat World proves that they can turn up the decibels. Although the cryptic lyrics are nothing special, the lyrics are not really the point. This song is all about raising your blood pressure and accelerating your pulse. The song never fails to pump me up more than any stadium anthem every could.

Take a listen (here, here, and here) and see if this song doesn’t get you moving.