Wednesday, June 10, 2009

List #2: 5 Books You'll Meet at the Johnson County Public Library Book Sale

This morning I dropped by the (mostly abandoned) Metcalf South shopping mall where the Friends of the Johnson County Public Library were holding a major fundraiser, their annual used book sale. I did pick up 10 books for $1 each. As I browsed through the fiction section I did notice that dozens and dozens of copies of certain books were available. So, with apologies to Mitch Albom and without further ado, here are:

The 5(+) Fiction Books You're Most Likely to Meet at the Johnson County Public Library Used Book Sale

1) A Light in the Window by Jan Karon. Books from Jan Karon's Mitford Series (none of which I've read) were extremely abundant.
2) Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. It looks like donors to the Joco library book sale were eager to forget this book.
3) We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates. Few writers are as prolific as Oates. Few books were as plentiful at the book sale as Mulvaneys.
4) Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Donors dropping off books for the sale left this book behind by the dozens.
5t) The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.
5t) A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe. At 742 pages in length and weighing over two pounds each, copies of this book took up as much room on the table as any other.

Honorable Mention:
The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon

Oddest Book Placement:
Traveling Mercies by Anne Lammott in the travel section!