Friday, June 05, 2009

The List of Lists...

Last June, I undertook the 52 Songs in 52 Weeks Essay Project. For the last year I posted a short essay about a song that I like at a rate of one entry per week. I found the enterprise to be enjoyable, but received little feedback from my readers. Maybe you found these short essays about those songs boring or a distraction. Maybe you enjoyed hearing about my favorite songs. Maybe you just ignored those posts.

Now that the project is over, I find myself wanting to continue to write a post each week on some subject outside of ministry. You may not know it, but I am a lover of lists. I like making them (but not checking them twice.)

Lists serve many purposes. On my computer you'll find an alphabetized list of every CD that I own. This is a functional list, a good thing to have in case my house burned down or I was the victim of theft. In a separate file, I have a list of every concert I've ever attended. This list exists to stimulate the memory. Elsewhere, you will find a file that I keep with the date, title, and location of each of the 255 sermons I've preached to date. Such a list is both functional (how long has it been since I last preached on forgiveness?) and also a trip down memory lane. Lists document, categorize, remind, and organize.

All this is just my way of saying that I plan to compose a list each week for the next 52 weeks. I hope you'll find some of them interesting.

The List of Lists:

List #1: 104 or so (More) Songs that I Could have Written About Last Year
List #2: 5 Books You Meet at the Johnson County Library Used Book Sale
List #3: 9 Great Documentary Films
List #4: 30 Vocabulary Words from Michael Chabon's Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
List #5: 17 Satellite Songs
List #6: 9 States I've Never Visited + 4 More
List #7: 5 Examples of UU Sign Language
List #8: 10 Bands I've Never Seen Live But Would Like To
List #9: 5 Beloved Memories of The Reverend Doctor Tim Jensen
List #10: A Dozen Birthday Cards
List #11: 26 Books Being Read on Midwest Airlines Flight 2056
List #12: 8 Warnings Concerning Travel to Ecuador
List #13: 8 Famous Ecuadorians (According to Wikipedia)
List #14: 9 Most Intimidating Police Units & Security Guards in Quito
List #15: 4 Odd Rules Listed on the Visitor's Brochure to Machu Picchu
List #16: 6 Annoying Tourist Habits at Machu Picchu
List #17: The Socialist Graffiti of Ecuador
List #18: 101 Greatest Yankees of All Time
List #19: 5 Loudest Bands I Have Ever Heard
List #20: 5 Movies I Saw in November
List #21: 8 Thoughts on a Best Books of the Decade List
List #22: 5 Notable Stained Glass Windows
List #23: 10 Best Seasons by Boston Teams (2000-2009)
List #24: 10 Gut Punch Moments in Boston Sports (2000-2009)
List #25: Top 15 Moments in Boston Sports (2000-2009)
List #26: 10 Favorite Books Read in 2009
List #27: 7 Resolutions for the New Year
List #28: 11 Questions abour Reading Answered
List #29: 10 Thoughts about Vedera's New Album
List #30: My Ranking of the Nominees for the Academy Award for Best Picture
List #31: Some Numbers on My Mind
List #32: 25 Picks from my March Madness Bracket
List #33: 25 Picks graded from my March Madness Bracket
List #34: 7 Facts about Payday Loans in MO/KS
List #35: My 10 favorite covers from The A.V. Club's "Undercover" Series
List #36: 3 Politically Incorrect Ingredients in the Witches' Cauldron in Macbeth
List #37: My Top 10 Albums from 2010
List #38: 25 Books I Plan to Read in 2011
List #39: Ten Prophetic & Pathetic picks concerning the 2011 NCAA basketball tournament