Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apologizing to the Cathars

In my lecture on Monday, I mentioned a religious movement known as the Cathars. (My genealogy possibly traces back to the same area in the south of France where the Cathars lived before they were peresecuted and then virtually exterminated by Catholics in the 1,200s. In other words, my ancestors from long ago were possibly Cathars.)

After I posted my lecture on-line, I received a very kind and gentle note from a man named Brad who is part of a modern-day religious group whose religious forebears were the Albigensian Cathars.

The point that I was trying to make by invoking the Cathars was that we as UUs have a tendency to want to identify closely with groups that are deemed "heretical" by the established church, even if our theology or practices are quite distinct.

In my description of the Cathars I may have been flippant and even disrespectful. If I offended anyone with my description of the Cathars, I apologize. I have changed this part of the lecture that I have posted to better reflect what I was trying to say.