Monday, July 20, 2009

List #6: 9 States I've Never Visited + 4 More

I am writing this week's list from the Beloit College Campus in Beloit, Wisconsin where I am serving as the lecturer in Unitarian Universalist History & Theology at the UUA's Midwest Leadership School. I have never previously visited Wisconsin. That is not entirely true. I've visited Wisconsin twice before. Both previous times I drove from Red Wing, Minnesota across Lake Pepin and a few miles into Wisconsin to have dinner at The Norton's Restaurant which was then (and perhaps is still) located in Lake City, Wisconsin.

What does it actually mean to have visited a state? Does driving through count? How much time must one spend in the state? Does it count as a visit if you don't see certain things for which the state is most famous for or participate in activities associated with that state?

These questions aside, here are 9 states that I have definitely never visited:

1) Alabama
2) Georgia
3) Hawaii
4) Louisiana
5) Mississippi
6) Nevada
7) North Dakota
8) South Carolina
9) South Dakota

And here are 4 states that I might have visited:

1) Delaware: When I was in Middle School my family took a driving tour of National Parks including Shenandoah, The Great Smoky Mountains, Cape Hatteras, and Chincoteague Island. On our return drive we crossed over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and, I think, drove through Delaware on our way back to New England.

2) Idaho: On a road trip from Portland, Oregon to Salt Lake City, I was in a car that drove non-stop through Idaho. I returned via a Greyhound Bus that stopped at a truck stop where I treated myself to a slice of pie.

3) Indiana: On a road trip from Boston to Kansas City, I drove from East to West across Indiana. In the middle I stopped to buy a Powerball lottery ticket. The random numbers printed on my ticket were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. I thought about asking them to change my numbers to one that had a chance of winning. Then I realized, soberly, that these six numbers had the exact same chance of coming up as any six.

4) West Virginia: On a road trip from Boston to Dallas, the Federal Highway I was on crossed over a 12 mile stretch of West Virginia.