Monday, July 20, 2009

MWLS History & Theology Lectures

All this week I am in Beloit, Wisconsin delivering two lectures each day on Unitarian Universalist history and theology as a part of the Midwest Leadership School, an intensive program for UU lay leaders from throughout the Midwest. We are joined this week by lay leaders from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin (and also Maryland!)

Each day's lectures will be posted on-line.

Monday 7/20
Lecture #1: "Are We an Odd Toadstool?: An Historiography of Unitarian Universalism"
Lecture #2: "The Wordy Shipmates: Understanding Our Puritan Roots"

Tuesday 7/21
Lecture #3: "Trampling the Tulips: The Unitarian Break from Calvinism"
Lecture #4: "A Theology of Human Nature and Its Social Consequences"

Wednesday 7/22
Lecture #5: "Transcendentalism, the New Nation, and the Second Great Awakening"
Lecture#6: "A Shorty History of Universalism"

Thursday 7/23
Lecture #7: "Unitarian Universalist Approaches to World Religions"
Lecture #8: "Humanism and the Challenge of Modernity"

Friday 7/24
Lecture #9: "From Merger to Present: UU History from 1961 to 2009"
Lecture #10: "The Future History of Unitarian Universalism"