Sunday, September 13, 2009

List #13: 8 Famous People from Ecuador (According to Wikipedia)

1) Mike Judge - The creator of Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill, and the movie Office Space. (Judge was born in Guayaquil. His father was an anthropologist and Judge grew up in the United States.)

2) Gerardo - Rapper/singer best known for his one-hit wonder "Rico Suave." Gerardo later became a successful record executive in Los Angeles.

3) Eugenio Espejo - In the late 1800's Espejo was a doctor, lawyer, journalist, and philosopher. He applied his medical knowledge as a hygienist and worked to improve sanitation. However, as a polemical journalist his satirical attacks on the government led to his persecution and imprisonment and fueled Ecuador's separatist movement.

4) Jefferson Perez - An Olympic race walker, Perez has won a gold and silver medal in the 20km event, Ecuador's only two Olympic medals.

5) Christina Aguilera - The world famous pop music star wasn't even born in Ecuador. Her father was. But she is listed on wikipedia's list of important Ecuadorians.

6) Alejo Lascano Bahamonde - This native Ecuadorian was trained in medicine at the Sorbonne in France. He opened Ecuador's first medical clinic at age 27 in 1867.

7) Fanny Carrion de Fierro - poet, essayist, and literary critic. Her work often deals with human rights.

8)Luis Miranda - Perhaps Ecuador's best known painter.

According to Wikipedia's list of notable Ecuadorians.