Saturday, September 12, 2009

UU Blogosphere Fiercely Discusses Covenant

Well, the things you miss when you are in another hemisphere...

In a previous blog post I pointed out that an old sermon I had preached on covenant had been edited and reprinted on the cover of the September issue of the newsletter of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, The Quest.

Blogger and UU minister Victoria Weinstein (PeaceBang), who has never been known to mince words, responded to my piece by saying that UUs who attempt to create covenants that are not informed by the transcendent are guilty of blasphemy. She contends religious covenants cannot be created between people; they must be given to us by God. (I've known Victoria long enough to know not to get too fired up by anything she says.)

However, after posting her response to my sermon in The Quest, Rev. Weinstein stayed off the internet for a few days and returned to find 43 responses and several debates raging between UU bloggers.

Let me sum up some of the responses:

A UU Blogger I do not know who blogs at Celestial Lands partially agreed with PeaceBang but wanted to expand the idea of covenant's vertical dimension. You can read his contribution to the discussion here.

One of the directions the discussion headed was instigated by a post by a blogger who blogs at MoxieLife. In response to PeaceBang's comments, this author wrote about feeling alienated as an atheist.

Patrick Murfin responded with an elegant post, trying to bridge the gap between PeaceBang and MoxieLife.

Blogger Polity Wonk, who lives up to his name, digs into our history to discuss covenants and more.

Are you following all of this? Well, that is only the beginning. Other bloggers asked whether using the concept of covenant is an appropriation of a tradition that isn't ours. But now we are going too far afield.

Finally, I might link to Rev. Phil Lund who stays outside the fray, quotes a paragraph from my original article, and recommends that UUs read it as they start "the church year."