Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Notable People Who Died in 2009

I included the following information as an insert in the order of service for the worship service on January 10, 2010. You can read my sermon here.

Nick Adenhart (22) Pitching prospect for LA Angels was killed by a drunk driver
Captain Lou Albano (76) Professional wrestling personality
Maurice Albertson (91) Central to the creation of The Peace Corps and Village Earth
Wayne Allwine (62) Voice actor best known as the voice of Mickey Mouse
Richard Aoki (71) Only Asian American to hold a leadership position with the Black Panthers
Corazon Aquino (76) Former president of the Philippines who helped oust the Marcos regime
Dave Arneson (61) Role playing game inventor was co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons
Bea Arthur (86) Actress best known as Dorothy on The Golden Girls
Ron Asheton (60) Guitarist for the punk rock band The Stooges
William Avery (98) Kansas governor in the 60s and 5-term U.S. Congressman
Hans Beck (89) Inventor of Playmobil toys
Norman Borlaug (95) Nobel-prize winning scientist made advances in global food production
David Carradine (72) Actor starred in Kung-Fu movies
Jim Carroll (60) Punk musician and author of The Basketball Diaries
Vic Chesnutt (45) Partially paralyzed folk singer released 17 albums
Forrest Church (61) Minister of All Souls UU, NYC from 1975-2009 and son of Idaho Senator Frank Church. He edited or wrote more than 20 books
Jeanne-Claude (74) With husband Christo produced large-scale fabric art installations
Max Coots (81) UU minister whose poetry—especially “A Harvest of Gratitude”—is often used in UU churches
Walter Cronkite (92) Iconic TV news anchor was “the most trusted man in America”
Chuck Daly (78) Basketball coach won two championships with the Detroit Pistons and coached the gold medal winning “Dream Team” at the 1992 Olympics
Dom DeLuise (75) Actor starred in Cannonball Run
Dominick Dunne (83) Controversial author of Hollywood “True Crime” books
Dom DiMaggio (92) Outfielder for the Boston Red Sox and brother of Joe DiMaggio
David Eddings (77) Prolific author of fantasy novels
Natalya Estimirova (50) Murdered author / activist documented human rights abuses in Chechnya
Eddie Fatu (36) Professional wrestler “Umaga” and member of the Anoa’i wrestling family
Farrah Fawcett (62) Actress starred in Charlie’s Angels
Mark "The Bird" Fidrych (54) Eccentric pitcher for Detroit Tigers had career cut short by injury
John Hope Franklin (94) Leading historian of African-American experience
Millar Fuller (74) Founder of Habitat for Humanity International
I. J. Good (92) British mathematician helped crack Nazi codes at Bletchley Park during WWII
Paul Harvey (90) Radio personality known for his dramatic pauses and mixing news with product advertisements
Thomas Hoving (78) Influential curator changed the experience of museums
John Hughes (59) Filmmaker famous for 80s films like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles
Michael Jackson (50) World famous pop star whose album Thriller was all-time best-seller
Harry Kalas (73) Beloved sportscaster announced games for the Philadelphia Phillies
Lawrence Halprin (93) Modernist landscape architect
Stanley Kaplan (90) Made a business out of helping students prepare for standardized tests
Millard Kaufman (92) Screenwriter, author, and co-creator of Mr. Magoo
George Kell (86) Hall of Fame third baseman played for 5 teams including the Detroit Tigers
David Kellerman (41) CFO of Freddie Mac, committed suicide
Jack Kemp (73) Star quarterback served as a congressman for 18 years and was Bob Dole’s running mate in the 1996 Presidential election
Edward Kennedy (77) Massachusetts Senator for 42 years
Webster Kitchell (78) UU Minister known for his trilogy of books featuring Coyote, the trickster god
Willem Kolff (97) Leader in the development of the artificial heart
Irving Kristol (89) Writer was known as “the Godfather of neoconservatism”
Judith Krug (69) Librarian and anti-censorship activist co-founded “Banned Books Week”
Claude Levi-Strauss (100) Ground-breaking anthropologist and structuralist thinker
Jeremy Lusk (24) Champion motocross racer
Karl Malden (97) Actor starred in A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront
Frank McCourt (78) Author of prize-winning book Angela’s Ashes
Steve McNair (36) MVP-winning NFL quarterback for the Tennessee Titans
Ed McMahon (86) Television host known for roles on The Tonight Show and Star Search
Robert McNamara (93) Controversial Secretary of Defense served under JFK and LBJ
Billy Mays (50) Infomercial personality known for his loud sales pitch
Andrew Martin (33) Professional wrestler who appeared with the ring name “Test”
Oscar G. Mayer, Jr. (95) Third generation executive of the eponymously named meat company
Vic Mizzy (93) Television composer wrote themes for The Addams Family and Green Acres
Ricardo Montalban (88) Actor best known for role on Fantasty Island
Brittany Murphy (32) Popular actress and voice talent
Richard John Neuhaus (72) Prominent Catholic theologian and author noted for conservative views
Robert Novak (78) Conservative columnist and political commentator
Les Paul (94) Musical inventor and leading developer of the electric guitar
Claiborne Pell (90) 6-term Rhode Island senator was sponsor of higher education grants
Carl Pohlad (93) Owner of the Minnesota Twins for 25 years and wealthy banker
Natasha Richardson (45) Actress of the stage and screen and daughter of Vanessa Redgrave
Oral Roberts (91) Evangelical preacher and founder of Oral Roberts University
William Safire (79) Nixon speechwriter and New York Times political columnist
Paul Samuelson (94) First American to win Nobel Prize in economics
Budd Schulberg (95) Screenwriter and novelist wrote On the Waterfront
Eunice Kennedy Shriver (88) Sister of JFK and founder of the Special Olympics
Ron Silver (62) Actor of the stage and screen
Naomi Sims (61) Broke modeling’s color barrier by appearing on 1968 cover of Ladies’ Home Journal
Troy Smith (87) Founder of the Sonic fast-food chain
Sheldon Stahl (76) Economist and commentator based in Kansas City
Percy Sutton (89) Politician, civil rights activist, and attorney for Malcolm X
Helen Suzman (91) Political activist challenged Apartheid in South Africa
Patrick Swayze (57) Actor’s breakthrough role came in the movie Dirty Dancing
Nancy Talbot (89) Co-founder of eponymous chain of women’s retail clothing stores
George Tiller (67) Doctor whose Wichita clinic was a center for anti-abortion protests
Wayman Tisdale (44) NBA basketball player and jazz musician
Mary Travers (72) Folk singer and member of Peter, Paul, and Mary
John Updike (76) Prolific writer won Pulitzer Prizes for Rabbit is Rich and Rabbit at Rest
James Whitmore (87) Actor known for military roles was twice nominated for an Oscar
Lillian Willoughby (93) Quaker activist who founded “Take Back the Night” marches
Andrew Wyeth (91) Realist artist best known for painting Christina’s World
Shaun Wylie (96) Mathematician and WWII codebreaker at Bletchley Park

United States Military Deaths in 2009
317 in Afghanistan (956 from 2001-today)
149 in Iraq (4,373 from 2003-today)
source: icasualties.org