Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Celebrate What You Have" Day: Press Coverage & Recap

Thanks to everyone who helped out and turned out to yesterday's "Celebrate What You Have" alternative Black Friday event. About 60 people joined us for some part of the day.

We got some coverage last night on NBC Action News. We were one of the lead stories at the 5:00 hour.

I am grateful to everyone who helped to make this day happen:
Thanks to Dave Simmons for leading the music!
Thanks to Kenna, Paul, and Tiffany for serving as greeters.
Thanks to Leslie for leading her creative "Advent Calendars with a Twist" project.
Thanks to Sue for teaching drawing in the afternoon.
Thanks to Meg for taking charge of our baking. (We made dozens of cookies for Safehome.)
Thanks to Elizabeth for sending out press releases and helping us get media attention.
Thanks to Vickie for leading a beading class.
Thanks to Gloria for teaching Gentle Hatha Yoga.
Here are some links from the day:

Click here to find out about Reverend Billy's Church of Life After Shopping.
The Church of Life After Shopping is project of The Immediate Life, a New York based arts organization using theater, humor, and grassroots organizing to advance individuals and communities towards a more equitable future - starting today. We partner with citizens, grassroots organizations and progressive visionaries to produce dynamic, informed public campaigns that enact our core values - participatory democracy, ecological sustainability, and the preservation of vibrant communities and local economies.

Since 1996 our project has expanded from a one-man performance artist preaching against consumerism on the sidewalks of Times Square to a 35-person choir and 7-person band with dozens of original songs, a critically acclaimed stage show, a major motion picture and multiple media platforms. We have demonstrated commitment to educating the public about the consequences of unsustainable consumption. Our message--consuming less--is the single most effective and immediate response an individual can take to immediately halting the climate crisis. This same message has reached millions of people and has contributed to the public's increasing awareness of the relationship between shopping and climate change. Besides our long-term commitment to promoting sustainable consumption, our organization’s efforts to revitalize public space and defend the first amendment have been documented all over the world.
Click here to find out Advent Conspiracy, an evangelical Christian movement to reclaim the Christmas season. As Christians, they see the birth of Jesus as a world-changing event and look to embrace Christmas in a way that does justice to that world-changing power. "What if Christmas became a world-changing event again?" Their message is simple: Worship fully. Spend less. Give more. Love all. Give presence. Christian congregations that are part of the Advent Conspiracy movement have given millions of dollars to efforts to bring clean water to developing countries. (The videos on their site are quite catchy.)

Click here to find out about Lauren Greenfield's amazing half-hour documentary Kids+Money. Greenfield is a brilliant photographer and documentary film-maker who turns her lens on the lives and experiences of teens, especially teen-age girls. Kids+Money can be purchased directly from and can also be found on Wholphin volume 8.