Monday, January 24, 2011

Notable People Who Died in 2010

As a part of our annual "Remembrance Sunday" service, I create and distribute a list of some well-known people who died in the past year. (Click here to check out my sermon from January 23, 2011.)

Gaines Adams (26) NFL player for the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Theo Albrecht (88) German billionaire owned grocery stores including Trader Joe’s
Sparky Anderson (76) Hall of Fame manager for the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers
Nicky Daniel Bacon (64) Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for service during Vietnam
Vernon Baker (90) Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for service during WWII
Glen Bell (86) Founder of the Taco Bell fast-food restaurant chain
Melvin Biddle Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for service during WWII
Barbara Billingsley (94) Actress most famous for playing June Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver
George Blanda (83) Hall of Fame quarterback and kicker
Manute Bol (47) Standing 7 feet, six inches, he was NBA’s tallest player and humanitarian for Sudanese refugees
Leslie Buck (87) Business executive and Holocaust survivor who created Anthora coffee cup, a NYC icon
Pat Burns (58) Was three time NHL Coach of the Year
Margaret Burroughs (93?) Artist and teacher founded museum of African American history in Chicago in 1961
Robert Byrd (92) Democrat from West Virginia served a record 51 years in the Senate
Isabella Caro (28) French model appeared in ad campaign to battle anorexia
Chubby Carrier (63) Leading Zydeco musician
Dixie Carter (70) Television actress starred in Designing Women and appeared in Diff’rent Strokes
Robert Carter (82) Catholic priest, gay rights activist, and a founder of National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Alex Chilton (59) Popular singer with the band Big Star
Lucille Clifton (73) African-American feminist poet and author of children’s books
Art Clokey (88) Created the figure of Gumby
Hank Cochran (74) Prolific Tennessee songwriter’s work made famous by Elvis, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, etc.
Gary Coleman (42) Television star of Diff’rent Strokes
Paul Conrad (86) Esteemed editorial cartoonist
Mike Cuellar (70) Cuban Major League baseball pitcher starred for the Baltimore Orioles in 60s and 70s
Tony Curtis (85) Hollywood star best known for role in Some Like it Hot
Robert E. Davis (70) Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court
Dino De Laurentiis (91) Hollywood producer whose career spanned six decades
David C. Dolby (64) Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for service during Vietnam
Elizabeth Edwards (61) Author and wife of Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards
Larry Evans (78) Chess grandmaster and author was 5 time United States champion
Bob Feller (92) Hall of Fame pitcher for the Cleveland Indians
John William Finn (100) Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism during attack on Pearl Harbor
Daryl Gates (83) Controversial longtime LAPD chief was ousted after the LA riots in 1992
Miep Gies (100) Supplied food and books and assisted in helping hide Anne Frank
Arthur Gish (70) Longtime peace activist as a member of the Church of the Brethren
Bud Greenspan (82) Filmmaker noted for decades of documenting the stories of Olympic athletes
Linda Grover (76) Peace activist and founder of Global Family Day
Alexander Haig (85) US Army General served under Nixon and Ford and as Secretary of State under Reagan
Corey Haim (38) Teen idol who starred in numerous popular films in the 1980s
Phil Harris (53) Captain of the fishing vessel on the hit Discovery Channel program The Deadliest Catch
Whitney Harris (97) American lawyer and last surviving prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials
Dorothy Height (98) 60s civil rights leader was longtime President of the National Council of Negro Women
Richard Holbrooke (69) US ambassador to Germany and the UN, among other international appointments
Dennis Hopper (74) Iconic American actor who appeared in Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, and Hoosiers
Lena Horne (92) Prolific singer, actress, dancer, and civil rights activist
Andy Irons (32) World champion surfer and one of the most recognizable names in the sport
Rhys Isaac (72) Australian historian was Pulitzer Prize winning author of Colonial American history
Marvin Isley (56) Bass player was a member of the musical group The Isley Brothers
Lech Kaczynski (60) President of Poland died with 95 others including numerous Polish political and
military leaders in tragic plane crash
Irvin Kershner (87) Director of The Empire Strikes Back
Ruth Kligman (80) Abstract painter was a muse to Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning
Richard LaMotta (67) Inventor of the Chipwich ice cream sandwich
Art Linkletter (97) Famous television host of the 50s and 60s
Mark Linkous (47) Popular music innovator recorded under the name “Sparklehorse.”
Bud Mahurin (91) Ace pilot with US Air Force in WWII and Korea credited with shooting down 23 enemy planes
Al Masini (80) Created popular TV programs such as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and Entertainment Tonight!
Robert McCall (90) Futuristic conceptual artist contributed to film version of 2001: A Space Odyssey
Karen McCarthy (63) Missouri Congresswoman served five terms from 1994-2004
Rue McClanahan (76) Starred on the TV series The Golden Girls
David McNerney (69) Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for service during Vietnam
Don Meredith (72) Cowboys quarterback and commentator for Monday Night Football
John Murtha (77) Pennsylvania congressman and first Vietnam vet elected to congress served 13 terms
Leslie Nielsen (84) Longtime actor best known for comedic roles in Airplane! and Naked Gun
Merlin Olsen (69) Hall of Fame football player and later a successful actor and sports broadcaster
Peter Orlovsky (76) Beat poet who enjoyed lifelong relationship with Allen Ginsberg
Harvey Pekar (70) American Splendor author was underground music critic and comic book writer
Teddy Pendergrass (59) Acclaimed R&B and soul singer
Elizabeth Post (89) Renowned etiquette expert and granddaughter-in-law of Emily Post
Robin Roberts (83) Hall of Fame pitcher won 286 games with the Phillies, Orioles, Astros, and Cubs
J. D. Salinger (91) Reclusive author of A Catcher in the Rye and Franny & Zooey
Juan Antonia Samaranch (89) President of the International Olympic Committee from 1980-2001
Ron Santo (70) Star third baseman for the Chicago Cubs
Daniel Schorr (93) Television and radio journalist, most recently a reporter for NPR
Edith Shain (91) The woman in the iconic Times Square V-J Day kiss photograph
Ted Sorensen (82) White House advisor and speechwriter for JFK
George Steinbrenner (80) Outspoken owner of the New York Yankees
Ted Stevens (89) Longest serving Republican Senator in history; died in plane crash
Mosi Tatupu (54) NFL running back had a 15 year career
Jefferson Thomas (67) A member of the “Little Rock Nine” who integrated the Little Rock public schools
Bobby Thomson (86) Giants baseball player famous for hitting the pennant winning homerun in 1951
Stewart Udall (90) Former secretary of the Interior was influential in the early environmental movement
David Warren (85) Scientist and inventor of the “black box” flight data recorder
George Weiss (89) Composer and songwriter co-wrote “What a Wonderful World” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
Frank Williams (73) Accomplished NYC architect designed Trump Palace Condos among other buildings
Charlie Wilson (76) 12-term Texas Congressman known for helping Afghanistan receive US military support in 80s
George Willoughby (95) Quaker peace activist
John Wooden (99) UCLA basketball coach guided Bruins to 10 national championships in the 60s and 70s
Howard Zinn (87) Progressive American historian and author of A People’s History of the United States