Monday, March 19, 2012

New Member Survey 2012

I created this survey and distributed it to members who joined the church after January 2011 and those who have taken the Exploring Membership class so far in 2012, as well as to a handful of frequent visitors.  You can also read the sermon about the results of the survey.

1) Which of the following statements best describes your religious upbringing?
A. My upbringing was very religious and/or I frequently attended religious activities  38%
B. My upbringing was somewhat religious and/or I sometimes attended religious activities 26%
C. My upbringing was vaguely religious and/or I infrequently attended religious activities  18%
D. My upbringing was secular and/or I almost never attended religious activities  18%

2) (Please skip this question if your upbringing was secular.) Which of these following statements best describes your feelings about your religious upbringing?
A. My religious upbringing was mostly a positive experience for me  32%
B. My religious upbringing was mostly a negative experience for me  21%
C. My religious upbringing was definitely a mixed-bag, with some positive aspects and some negative aspects.  47%

3) How did you first hear about Unitarian Universalism?  Various answers…
            Website / Internet
            Friend / Co-worker
            Googled “First Agnostic Church”
            Attended progressive community group that met in a UU Church
            College literature classes, Emerson, Thoreau, etc.
            Raised UU
            Given book on “cults” that included Unitarianism as a cult!

4) Why did you start regularly coming to this church?  (Please list all that apply.)
A. I wanted religious experiences for my child/ren  65%
B. I wanted to belong to a community  76%
C. I wanted a place to develop my own personal religious and ethical understandings  65%
D. I was hungry for experiences that could be described as spiritual  32%
E. I was going through a tough time and thought a church might help  24%
F. I wanted to join with others in doing social action and community service  53%
G. I wanted to be around people who share my values  85%
H. I’m not sure why I started coming  6%
I. Other:  Various answers… support with family transition, multi-faith orientation, place where partners could both be comfortable, personal development, etc.

5) Which of these statements best describes your thoughts about religious language (i.e. words like soul, spirit, God, prayer, grace, holy, etc.)?
A. These words are meaningful to me and I like it when they are used   30%
B. I don’t mind these words as long as it is clear that they are being used in a non-traditional sense  45%
C. I don’t care for most of these words and don’t find them personally meaningful  25%

6) Imagine that there is an adult religious education class being offered that is described this way:  “Spiritual Experiences and Practices.  Come join this highly participatory class in which we explore and experience spiritual practices from around the world.  We will meditate, walk a labyrinth, chant, and more.  Wear loose fitting clothing as movement will be a part of our practice.”  Which of the following best describes your reaction to this course listing?
A. Sign me up!  It is like this class was created with me in mind.  41%
B. I might take it if there was nothing better going on.  27%
C. I prefer to engage with other religious traditions by discussing them while sitting around a table, thank you.  23%
D. This class sounds like my own personal version of hell.  9%

7) What would you do if there were no UU churches in the Kansas City metro area?
A. I would probably attend a Christian church  6%
B. I would probably attend a non-Christian religious community  6%
C. I probably would not attend any religious community  88%

8) An old UU joke goes something like this.  “When you die you enter the afterlife and you travel along a road until there is a fork in the road.  One path has a sign that says ‘To Heaven’ and goes towards a bright light and a golden staircase.   The other path leads towards a room with fluorescent lighting, a coffee maker, and folding chairs.  That path is marked with a sign that reads ‘To Discussion about Heaven.’  That’s the path that Unitarian Universalists take.”  Which of these statements describes your reaction to the joke?
A. Ha!  Good one!  That joke is definitely about me.  52%
B. I don’t think this joke is very funny, mostly because it doesn’t speak to my experience of Unitarian Universalism.  10%
C. I don’t like having only two choices.  Can I make my own path?  38%
D. I don’t get it. 0%

9) What is your generation?
A. Generation X  56%
B. Generation Y / Millennial  25%
C. Baby-boomer  19%
D. Other 0%

10) Which of the following statements best describes your reaction to this survey?
A. I enjoyed it.  Thanks for sending it to me.  100%
B. I didn’t like your questions and think it would be better if you asked other questions.  0%